Ep. 5 - Jumpstart Your Journey to Inner Freedom & Fulfilling Your True Life’s Purpose with Kute Blackson

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Ep. 5 - Jumpstart Your Journey to Inner Freedom & Fulfilling Your True Life’s Purpose with Kute Blackson

Divine Conversations

When Kute Blackson was ordained into his father's ministry in Ghana at the age of 14, he had his entire future mapped out for him. The son of a spiritual leader and healer, Kute was on track to assume his role as successor. Instead, he chose to walk away from it all— ultimately stepping into his purpose. Today, he has become a world renowned visionary and leader in his own right. A best selling author, speaker and coach, Kute has used his mission of truth, courage and spiritual awareness to uplift and inspire countless followers to embrace their callings and step into greatness. Listen in as he shares his story, mission and vision for the world in today’s episode. We talk about embracing fear and eliminating anxiety when it comes to relationships, personal growth and more. Kute also shares the intention behind his book, You Are The One, and how the realization that no one is coming, can set you free.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:36] Meet Kute Blackson
  • [08:35] Kute's backstory and hearing his calling
  • [12:29] Making the decision to follow his truth
  • [16:25] Owning the truth and shifting your life
  • [17:39] One way to start turning your life around
  • [19:31] Tapping into courage and letting go
  • [24:48] Growing and embracing fear
  • [33:31] Kute's mission and driving force 
  • [37:00] Becoming disconnected and conditioned as children
  • [40:26] Life seeking manifesting itself through you
  • [47:30] Writing the book, You Are The One.
  • [50:12] Why things may not be manifesting in your life
  • [56:00] What You Are the One is about
  • [58:45] Connecting with Kute Blackson
  • [1:01:28] Outro

Resources Mentioned:

Standout Quotes:

  • “I believe sometimes what you're being called to do, the next level of your life, will require the next level of courage... sometimes we've reached a point where the life that we've lived is too small for what our soul is seeking to become.” -Kute Blackson [15:30]
  • “You cannot be truly fulfilled and happy living someone else's version of your life.” -Kute Blackson [15:56 ]
  • “Tell the truth but also be willing to feel the pain of the cost. Feel it and it will be painful, its meant to be painful because when you're not living in alignment with your deep integrity, it is painful. But if you're willing to feel it, that pain will facilitate a movement that will compel you towards a more aligned direction. -Kute Blackson [19:02]
  • “Acknowledge the fear and take the step anyway. Courage is developed and fear begins to dissolve when you feel the fear and you take action in spite of that.” -Kute Blackson [28:57]
  • “Many times our purpose arises from our pain and so I think we activate the gifts of our purpose and the gifts of our soul when we're able to see that.”  -Kute Blackson[46:09]


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