Ep. 4 - Achieving Optimal Health & Well-Being with Dr. Farah Rosic

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Ep. 4 - Achieving Optimal Health & Well-Being with Dr. Farah Rosic

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The more time we spend on earth, the more obvious it becomes that everything is connected. Today, naturopathic doctor Farah Rosic, shares why understanding that connection within our own bodies can make a world of difference for our well being. 

In this episode, we explore the benefits and practical uses for naturopathy and holistic medicine. Dr. Farah Rosic is a practicing naturopathic doctor based in Toronto, Ontario. As a specialist in hormones, fertility and antiaging— she offers a wealth of knowledge on natural medicine. 

Listen in as she breaks down why naturopathy is so incredibly effective at optimizing health and maintaining wellbeing. She shares tips for minimizing stress, maximizing sleep and getting in alignment with your body. Find out the difference between conventional western medicine and naturopathy as she highlights ways you can take a different approach to your healthcare.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:35] Meet Dr. Farah Rosic 
  • [07:41] How Leyla found Dr. Farah on her journey
  • [10:04] Becoming a naturopathic doctor
  • [13:07] Prevention and investing in optimal health
  • [14:10] What is naturopathy?
  • [19:49] The difference in education between traditional and naturopathic medicine
  • [21:11] Getting started: Your first few visits
  • [23:48] What a typical treatment plan entails
  • [25:43] How stress affects your well-being
  • [28:54] Adaptogens and reducing stress with plant medicine
  • [35:29] Using exercise for stress and anxiety
  • [40:55] The mind/body connection
  • [44:30] Vitamin D and managing emotions naturally

PRACTICAL TIPS______________________

  • [54:08] Small changes to make to your water
  • [56:45] Light exposure and avoiding SAD
  • [1:00:29] Your sleep schedule and circadian rhythm
  • [1:03:31] Listening to your body


  • [1:06:44] Connecting with Dr. Farah Rosic
  • [1:07:34] Outro 

Resources Mentioned:

Standout Quotes:

  • “I really believe in looking at the holistic picture, understanding that all the systems are interconnected.” -Dr. Farah Rosic [12:02] 
  • “These plants are here for us. Their purpose is for us to use and give back to the earth.” -Leyla [30:59] 
  • “If you're feeling something, don't just push it away. Really get to know what you're feeling, why you're feeling it. So that it doesn't resurface later on or end up becoming a physiological concern.” -Dr. Farah Rosic [44:06]    
  • “You just have to decide, are you worth living your best life? You get this one body in this lifetime... and if your body is functioning well, it's at an advantage.” -Leyla [53:05] 


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