Ep. 1 - Sharing my Mission, Vision & Dream

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Ep. 1 - Sharing my Mission, Vision & Dream

Divine Conversations


In a silent moment, during what would come to be my lowest point, I was able to listen closely to my most authentic self— and what I heard was so beautiful, I knew I had to share.

Welcome to the Divine Conversations podcast. The start of a community of like-minded and like-hearted individuals ready to step into their most soulful selves. A space of empowerment, awareness and healing.

In this first episode, I share the vision I have for this podcast and the purpose it will serve in my life and hopefully yours as well. Hear about my personal story of awakening to the vision, mission and purpose for my life. Find out how together, we can work to live our most ideal lives as our most authentic selves in love and consciousness.

"I am on a mission to change the world. To inspire and empower millions of people to heal the wounded parts of themselves. To become mindful and raise their consciousness. To build  a community of like-minded and like-hearted human beings committed to creating a new world where all beings can coexist in love peace unity compassion and harmony- with themselves, others and nature." 

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:00] Welcome to Divine Conversations Ep.1
  • [00:36] The beginning of an awakening journey
  • [03:33] Moving to Canada at 18
  • [04:57] Learning to sit with myself and breaking through in 2018
  • [08:57] Bridging the gap between present reality and my vision
  • [12:30] My vision, mission and the purpose for my life
  • [15:50] Stepping into the next chapter of life
  • [19:08] Why podcasting?
  • [21:11] What to expect with Divine conversations with Leyla
  • [24:08] What I'm looking forward to
  • [28:18] Connect and share
  • [30:23] Outro 

Resources Mentioned:

Standout Quotes:

  • “That's where love lives. It lives in the heart. and the heart if 5,000 times more powerful than the brain, or the mind. The heart is where our wisdom lives.” -Leyla [24:52]   
  • “If we learn how to heal the wounded parts of ourselves, you know, heal that inner child and embody our soulful selves. Become whole and create coherence in our hearts, in our brains, we can and will be absolutely unstoppable.” -Leyla [29:12]
  • “If you're feeling like you're ready, you're ready to shed all that no longer serves you and become your soulful self. Become the truth of who you are, this is the place for you.” -Leyla [30:23] 


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