Beyond my human identities, stories & memories, deep within my heart, I identify as a Soul on an evolutionary journey, currently navigating through this human experience. Although I’ve only been in this incarnation for 3.5 decades thus far, I feel ancient within the confines of my soul. My entire life, I’ve felt like an alien from outer space, that found herself on Earth & looked around in bewilderment & confusion at life here on this beautiful blue-green planet & wondered Why on Earth (pun intended), I was here & what I was here to do.

My awakening journey began when I was around 18 years old & on this path of remembering Who I Truly Am, I’ve had some deeply profound & mystical experiences that words fail to express. One thing I know for sure is that only Love is Real & that we are all simply facets & aspects of Source, manifested in form & expressed through various levels of consciousness.

It’s not until recently on my awaking journey that I’ve began to realize the origins of my Soul & connect with my Soul Mission & why I chose to come here. While I oscillate between higher & lower states of consciousness on a daily basis, I hold zero doubt of my intention of incarnating at this incredible time in history of the Great Awakening of Humanity. Based on my experience & everything that life has been teaching me, I believe that this whole human experience is just an experiment of how much Presence Trust, Surrender & Faith we can practice in each waking moment. The more I ground myself in devotion to my liberation, the more miraculous, graceful & effortless my life experience becomes.

At this point on my path, I am being called to step into my role as a sort of a Guide & a Wayshower, not to necessarily teach, fix, help or save a broken World, but by simply allowing myself to embody more of my True Essence, and in doing so, assist others who are ready, to awaken to their own experience of being Divine in Form, to lift the veil of forgetfulness & get in alignment with their Soul Mission & living their Ideal Life experience.

I truly believe that we are limitless & are only beginning to awaken to our true potential & what is possible in this human experience. As I learn & tap into more of what is available to us, I am compelled to create a Sacred Space & a Community within which we can unite our Soul Gifts & come together with a Shared Vision of co-creating the World that is based on Love, Unity & Compassion by applying certain daily practical tools & practices that are adaptable to our modern-day life.

While there is still much that has not been revealed to me about how I am to accomplish all that I know I came here to do, one thing is for certain: the rest of my life will be dedicated to fulfilling my Soul Mission.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you also have a burning desire to learn, grow, embody your Higher Self & in the process contribute to co-creating a World of our Dreams? My hunch is that if you’re here reading this right now, that it is precisely your Soul/Higher Self that has brought you here, & is ready for you to embody more of your light, even if you might not be consciously aware of it just yet.

If you desire to live your Ideal Life & make the World a better place, I invite you to Join Being LUCA Family here.

I look forward to what this new chapter of my life experience brings & what kind of magic we can collectively create when we unite our Light & Love forces together.

With so much love + gratitude