Imagine a World where all beings live in Peace, Harmony, Connection & Joy. Where each Soul remembers its True Divine Origin & why it chose to be here on Earth at this magnificent time in human history.

If you close your eyes, put your hands on your heart & hold that vision for a moment, can you SEE it? Can you FEEL it? Can you allow yourself to indulge in the experience of what it would be like to live in that type of a World?

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, You are a powerful being of light & You are a part of the Great Awakening. We are all undergoing an expansion of Human Consciousness at an accelerated rate & whether You remember it or not, You are here with a Divine Soul Mission.

What does being LUCA mean?

In order for us all to contribute to creating a New World & a New Earth, we must all embark on an inner journey of remembering who it is that we truly are, raise our awareness & elevate our way of being, to embody the Principles of Love – Unity – Compassion – Awakening into our individual realities.

Our outer World is nothing but a reflection of all of our collective consciousness. Therefore, the more each individual soul awakens & makes a commitment to embody Love, Unity & Compassion, the more light that each soul anchors here on Earth & the more that we shift the collective human consciousness towards creating a Peaceful & Harmonious World for all to enjoy.

If you are reading this right now, chances are your SOUL has guided you here, because YOU ARE READY to elevate your way of being & begin to tap into your infinite potential as a being of light in form.

Anything & everything is possible for you, but in order to align yourself with your Ideal Life, you must be willing to Surrender & Let Go of everything that no longer serves you.

There is something within you that knows you’re Destined for More. If you feel called to begin this Inner Journey of embodying more of who you already are (Love, Unity, Compassion), here are some practical guidelines to begin to incorporate into your daily life:

Declare  That  You  Are  Ready.

To move anything into form from the quantum field of infinite possibilities begins with a simple act of setting your intention & getting clear on what it is that you’re ready to experience. Get crystal clear on what it is that you desire, exercise the power of your Free Will & let the Universe know what it is that you’re ready to welcome into your reality.

Slow  Down.

Literally, slow down your physical body & the way you move. Make space in your day for stillness & quietude. It’s in the perfection of silence that you get to hear your inner wisdom.


Within you is a capacity to tap into infinite wisdom of your Higher Self, but it is impossible to hear it if you’re busy, being busy & you’re not listening.

Spend  Time  In  Nature.

Although you might experience yourself as separate from Nature, the truth is You are a part of Nature & everything that you see on the outside is an extension of you. Spending time & connecting to Nature will get you out of your head & in sync with the present moment.

Connect  To  Your  Heart.

All of our individual & collective suffering is due to the fact that most of us are completely disconnected from our hearts & are living on autopilot based on the limited, fear-based programming & conditioning that we have received throughout our life. What’s most needed in our individual lives and in the World is that we make a journey from Fear to Love, from Head to Heart & begin to live from a Heart Centered space. A simple practice of sitting comfortably & placing your hands on your heart, breathing deeply into the heart space & asking your heart what it needs in that moment will begin to shift your awareness, create a bridge between you & your heart & slowly but surely will begin allow you to access the wisdom & the power of your heart.

Do  More  Of  What  Brings  You  Joy.

When you give yourself permission to do more of what brings you joy, that moves you out of the lower states of resistance, control, pushing and trying to figure life out, up to an elevated state of being, where you begin to flow with life & draw inspiration to you. Make accessing states of Play & Joy a priority in your daily life & watch the magic happen.

A big part of my Soul Mission at this time is to create a Community of like minded/hearted beings who come together & join forces with a shared Mission of creating a New World. If you are ready to align yourself with Your Ideal Life & contribute your energy to creating a more Loving & Harmonious World, click below to join Being LUCA Soul Family.